About me

Alice Barberini was born in Italy in 1977. She studied Art in Ravenna and after graduation, she  decided to go in Florence for studied restore at " Scuola d'Arte e Restauro Palazzo Spinelli".
She worked some years in a restore laboratory, but in 2007 she discovered the fantastic world of children illustration. In the last years she studied with important artists italian and foreign like Mauro Evangelista, Carll Cneut, Gek Tessaro, Dusan Kallay, Camila Stancolvà, Luigi Raffaelli e Giovanna Zoboli. From 2012 until 2015 she works with Collettivo Nie Wiem and exposed her illustrations in Venice, Macerata, Torino, Senigallia, Crema, Rimini and Cantù. My first book is "Il cane e la luna". It was published in Italy for Orecchio Acerbo publisher, and France with Ane Bate editions. 
My next book will be publish in 2017 whit Orecchio Acerbo publisher.

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